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Jill Zarin Debuts Shapewear Line, Skweez Couture at Lord & Taylor
by Nicki Brashear
November 9, 2010

A new shapewear line is in town and debuting at Lord & Taylor.  Skweez, the new collection designed by Jill Zarin is ready to give your curves a hug. Fashionista Chicago caught up with the former Real Housewives of New York and asked her about that her inspiration, her competition with Spanx and her favorite shopping place in Chicago!

FC: We loved you in the Real Housewives of New York but more excited about Skweez Couture that just launched at Lord & Taylor!  How did you come up with such a catchy name?  More importantly, what inspired you to create Skweez?

JZ: I think the name speaks for itself, sometimes you just need to skweez it all in!  I wanted to fill a  gap in the  shapewear, tights and leggings market that was missing. I wanted more skin tone colors, lace trims and tight, tighter and tightest options.  SKWEEZ COUTURE is functional , feminine and FABulous.. 

FC: How do you think Skweez will compete with Spanx?

JZ: Spanx was the first and original in this space. There is always room for competition and fresh ideas. Our price points are lower and it is important to me that customers don't spend more money on what they are wearing underneath their clothes than actually on their clothes. 

FC: What are some tips you can give my readers on how and when to wear Skweez? 

JZ: Never be afraid to ask for help when shopping for shapewear. The sales people at the store know their products better than anyone and will be able to help you find the right piece to SKWEEZ you in!

FC: What is your must-have essential for this winter?(Besides Sqweez of course)
JZ: My must-have this winter is definitely a black leather jacket. 

FC: Give us something you may not have shared with other media outlets.
JZ: I recently just had Closet Factory come and redo my closets so that I can showcase and hang all of my Skweez Couture while still having room for all of my shoes!

FC: Lastly, I always end my interview questions with a local flair. Where is you favorite shopping hot stop in Chicago?
JZ: The Water Tower!

Thank you for skweezing us in for an interview.  We love your new collection.

Ed Hardy Tattoo's The World
by Nicki Brashear
September 20, 2011

Fashionista Chicago gets the inside scoop on Ed Hardy's next venture after making it big with his fashion apparel and accessories and what he hopes you will learn from his new DVD "Tattoo The World"just released today!

Mysterious and talented Donald Ed Hardy dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist while other boys at ten years of age were dreaming of becoming a fireman or a policeman.  He was fascinated with art and texture at an early age and found his calling when he visited his first tattoo parlor at ten years of age at the local state fair.  In this new and edgy world, he found solace.  Creating permanent art on the body was the medium that would one day make "Ed Hardy" a global name. With visions of pierced hearts, flaming eyeballs and bloody skulls, Hardy started painting his friends with black Maybelline eyeliner to use as his outline and a bevy of colors to create body art.

As you can imagine, he became a hit and at the same time, a bit of a rogue in the art circle.  But that didn't stop talented Hardy to pursue his dreams of tattooing. After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, he turned down a scholarship at Yale to work with Sailor Jerry Collins, a well-known tattoo artist who got his start by practicing on drifters in Hawaii.  Through his apprenticeship, Hardy went to Japan to study with a Japanese classical tattoo artist Horihide.  This Japanese influence would soon be the turning point in his career, opening new exciting doors back home.

Interview 9-20-2011

Mr. Hardy, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions we have for you.

FC:  Your inspirations came from various tattoo parlors including a state fair.  What advice would you give a young artist today looking for an edge?

Ed Hardy:  I pursued my path because of a conviction that it might work, and no one else was doing it that way. People should make art because they are compelled to do it—an inner necessity, from a very young age, not through some calculated strategy. It's a rough choice and for most people ends in disappointment and failure. 

FC:    Being known as the “Godfather” of tattoo artistry, how did you decide to move from permanent ink, to a fluid fashion industry? 

Ed Hardy:  I didn't decide to move into the fashion industry, the two owners of KU, a line of casual apparel with Asian influences based in LA and Tokyo,  approached me about using my classic tattoo designs. They saw an article about a painting show I had in the LA area. I liked what they were doing but didn't expect anything from it. I was very surprised when it took off.  
FC:  Your new DVD releases September 20th, what are you hoping people will receive from your documentary?

Ed Hardy:  That there is more to me and my art than the tattoos, or branded items; it also gives a social/historic context to all this. 

FC:  Lastly, can you give Fashionista Chicago readers an insider only scoop on your next big gig?

Ed Hardy:  I'm working with Joel Selvin, a San Francisco author, on a biography/memoir about my unusual life journey. This will be published by St. Martin's next year. Also, I'll have a painting exhibit at Tony Fitzpatrick's Bucktown studio that opens on Friday, October 28. It's with two longtime friends, Thom deVita and Nick Bubash, who make a lot of art in more traditional mediums as well as tattoo. We go way back and are all uncategorizable.
The show is titled 3 Aces. I first met Tony in Chicago in '92, showed with a gallery he had then, and we really clicked. Chicago is a great city and I look forward to the visit after too many years away. 

Thank you so much!
We can’t wait to see you in October.

Bret Michaels Rocks the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Chicago 
by Nicki Brashear
August 12, 2011

Bret Michaels is in town for the Rock 'N Roll marathon on Sunday to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  As a stylish rock legend and known for his philanthropy, Fashionista Chicago got a moment of his time to ask him about his involvement in philanthropy, his tour and of course fashion.

Interview: 8-12-2011

Thank you for coming to Chicago and supporting the American Cancer Society by playing in the Rock n’ Roll Marathon post-race concert!  How do you find time to fit in philanthropic venues like this while touring?

Giving back is everything to me. I’ve been so fortunate in my life so I’m always looking for ways to support charitable causes.  I was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes when I was 6 years old, I’m a proud spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association and you’d better believe I practice what I what I preach.  The American Cancer Society is a cause that’s extremely important to me as well. I want to be a good role model for other people who are taking charge of their health so I do everything I can to support causes like the Rock n’ Roll Marathon that support a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Your fans recognize the incredible time you will be giving to various charities by participating in four Rock n’ Roll marathon events this year, how did you get your start in the marathon series?

I just want to give back as much as I can in as many ways as I can. We should never take anything for granted in life- believe me I’ve learned that- so I make charity a priority in my life. And the Rock n’ Roll Marathon is a fun and unique event and the American Cancer Society is a truly great cause, Every Rock n’ Roll Marathon I’ve performed at so far has been a blast, so I’m excited to be performing in Chicago. 

We heard through cyberspace that the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll race was beyond describable.  As a Rock n’ Roll legend participating at the post-race concert, I bet the runners are just super excited to get to the finish line and enjoy your performance.  What song will you play first as the runners start streaming in?

The Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathon was a blast. It was such a fun event, totally a wild time and the crowd was amazing. I don’t want to give that away just yet- the first song will be a surprise, so stay tuned!

Chicago loves you and Poison but I heard no big dates are scheduled to play here.  What’s the scoop?

I love Chicago right back. I’ve had some solo dates in the Chicago area for my solo tour, Get Your Rock On, and I’ll be back in Illinois in September. Chicago is an incredible city with some incredible crowds, so I’m looking forward to the Rock n’ Roll marathon here, and I’m looking forward to future Chicago dates as well. 

What is the one word to describe the relationship between yourself and Nikki Sixx during the sold out Poison and Mötley Crüe shows?  It could turn out to be a really haute reality show don’t you think? 

We’re having a blast. Posion- they’re all my brothers, and we all have nothing but respect for Motely and Nikki Sixx. We’re focusing on the tour right now, we're thrilled to be on the summer tour with Motley. Its all about the music and fans. 

You have been a huge trendsetter in Rock n’ Roll fashion, what’s the secret to a look with the right amount of Rock n’ Roll edge?

Attitude. Everything else is negotiable.

We are obsessed with you and your cowboy hats, tell us the significance of them.  Why cowboy?  And can we get a signed one?

I’m a country boy at heart. And I love country music as a genre- I grew up on real old country like Hank Williams Sr. I definitely grew into the hard rock that I’m most associated with and as an artist with a 25-year career, you have to branch out and do different things. I love all kinds of music and I’m fortunate enough to be an independent artist and to have the freedom to experiment with my music. 
I don’t part with my hats easily, but I’ll see if I can make an exception. 

Tell us one piece of clothing or accessory you can’t live without?  

Jeans are a must have for me.

Lastly, what is your must have item in you're dressing room? 

Healthy snacks. I’m a lifelong diabetic so I have to keep my blood-sugar in check. I always put my health first so lots of high-protein, low-carb snacks are a must have for keeping my energy up onstage and on the road. 

Annie Mohaupt is MOHOP
by Nicki Brashear

Being an Architect was Annie Mohaupt’s childhood dream but that soon changed after her first post-grad job was attained.  She realized that being an architect in real life was not what was portrayed in the movies –drafting tables, consulting with clients and being creative.  No, her new job consisted of sitting in front of a computer all day and everyday.

Yearning to find something to make by her own hands she dabbled in handbags, jewelry and other accessories, ultimately finding her calling in handmade shoes made from re-purposed wood.  Mohaupt had a vision making shoes in the same way skateboards were produced and started creating different prototypes until she found the design that was comfortable and stylish.  After six months of working day and night to find that right shoe Mohaupt set up shop in a local craft fair and sold out of several sizes of her shoes in one day.  She knew than she had designed a shoe people craved.  MOHOP was created.

Mohop is an eco-friendly footwear company specializing in wood-soled shoes with infinite style possibilities and can be categorized in two lines:
1. The bespoke line is entirely handmade in Chicago.  The wood in Mohop’s handmade line is sustainably sourced from American forests or our woods from Chicago’s “urban forest” that have been salvaged from fallen trees due to storms or construction projects. 
2. Ready-to-wear soles are made from Para rubber wood plantations in Malaysia. Para rubber trees produce latex for approximately 25 years - when the trees are tapped out, the wood is then reused to produce Mohop footwear (and other wood products).

The shape of the wood sole is designed to facilitate a natural “rolling” motion while walking, while the ergonomically-carved
footbed provides arch support and cradles the forefoot and heel.
The elastic loops that the ties lace through allow the upper part of the shoe to move with the foot while walking, eliminating blisters and chafing.
The amazing part of the shoes is not just the style but the process involved. 

Below is a behind the scenes sneak-peek of the be-spoke design process:
Double click the image to enlarge

The result of Mohop's hard work:

Find more selections on her website at www.mohop.com

Peach Carr Designs-Our Project Runway Winner
by Nicki Brashear

Peach Carr is a Chicago area native and designer at-large.  Successfully finished season 8 on Project Runway with Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Tim Gunn at her side.  Peach has been caught up in a whirlwind of frenzy ever since.  So I asked her, “What’s it like after Project Runway?” Her answer was simple and concise: “Crazy! Crazy Wonderful.”

Peach has a delightful presence to her and is very welcoming and eager to speak about her life as a designer and just about anything else you would like to know.  I met with her at her home in Lake Forest.  Her home is bright and cheery with kitschy vintage pieces throughout.  The personality of the house complements the creative and fun attributes of Peach Carr.

We settled in her studio where her Fall 2011 fabric just arrived.  Hounds-tooth will be her signature print in several different shades.  Now that Tim Gunn categorized Peach as “Country Club Chic”, her tennis-wear collection has been her focus and has been very successful.  The collection is wearable, washable and affordable.  The fashionable collection is inspired by the era of the 60’s and 70’s with bright bold colors and fun patterns designed to wear from a tennis match to lunch, dinner or a girls night out.   

As a local designer, Peach utilizes Chicago manufactures to keep her collection local although she says they are really tough to find.  She is hoping the new mayor will help bring more apparel “manufacturers" to Chicago so that more designers will keep their production local.  “It would be easier to stay local for many designers if the sources were available”, she states. 

No matter what, Peach is our local “Country Club Chic” designer who will always stay near.  That we can count on.  Her next step is to sell her collection in a large retailer and hope her current manufacturer will be able to produce the quantity the demand will create.   In between the designing and marketing, Peach is active in many local charities and local school events, including mentoring a young 12 year old girl who recognized Peach at the mall one day and eventually became a student of Peach’s.

Peach has that special ingredient to make her product rise.  Her vision is beyond the mass hysteria but wearable. Peach Carr has the Midwest personality of being warm and forthcoming which makes her collection "made with love" a reality.

Check out Peach's website.  Her website PeachCarrDesigns.com is a reflection of her personality.

MTO-Paving The Way For Emerging Chicago Designers
by Nicki Brashear
Published by Examiner.com March 7, 2011
New on the scene and turning heads, McKenzie Maher proprietor of MTO (MCKRY T. OWENS) is paving the way for emerging Chicago designers to receive visibility.  

Realizing the talent Chicago designers have to offer but not getting the ample publicity, McKenzie took the initiative to start representing some of the most talented designers and get them the attention they deserve. By using her expertise in product development, sales, marketing, and public relations, MTO is the name on everyone’s lips.

By living outside the fashion mainstream in Chicago, she has taken the New York publications by surprise.   During fashion week she met with W, Elle and Vogue to name a few while also hobnobbing it with top retailer Barney’s New York.  

Back in Chicago, her showroom is filled with natural sunlight and fabulous handmade necklaces, rings, cuffs and handbags that are scattered on white glass tables.  Every piece is examined to make sure they are in perfect condition to display for potential buyers.  

Some of the designers with whom she is currently working with are Shannon Carney, a talented jewelry designer who developed an amazing technique to create resin jewelry by hand.  The spectacular line appears like colorful gems and uses 18-karat gold to complete the look.

McKenzie also represents Marisa Swystun, a fashion and textile designer who focuses on unique womenswear, accessories and bridal additions.
Her first collection was chosen to debut at the opening of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009.  Marisa Swystun’s designs are unique and sophisticated; Her pieces are shown more like a piece of art.

Nga Waiata, is one of McKenzie’s newest arrivals. Nga creates beautiful hand-crafted ethereal rings made out of exquisite recycled New Zealand wood and adds a pop of the earths minerals including quartz, citrine and fluorite.

You can find the above-mentioned designers product at the MTO’s showroom at 8 E. Randolph Street #1507, Chicago, IL.  
She also represents other emerging designers including Ampersand AS Apostrophe, Upper Metal Class and Vagrant Nobility.

McKenzie is bringing world-class design talent to Chicago and we are on the edge of our seats to see whom she will bring next.
Visit MTO website by clicking here for more information on the designer portfolio and their lines.  

Iya Bakare-Not Just A Independent Chicago Writer

By Nicki Brashear
Published by Examiner.com February 24, 2011

Iya Bakare an independent journalist living in Chicago agreed to meet me at a nearby low-lit Starbucks where I noticed immediately that Iya is bright-eyed, fresh-faced, and astute.

Born in Chicago but grew up in Mississippi, Iya found her voice in writing at the young age of 15.  While writing for the high school newspaper, her professor asked her if she ever thought of becoming a writer.  At that moment, she new her path was carved out and her sight was set on becoming a writer.

After moving back to Chicago three years ago, Iya began living her dream by freelancing for print magazines and online media including ME: IN FOCUS, GlossMagazineonline, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine and Gapers Block.  Her articles include an array of topics that include interviews, human interests, health care and women entrepreneurs.

She has a passion for writing and you can tell in the way she creates a story.  She paints a picture as if you were part of the painting and creates a feeling of warmth.  Her words are fluid and easy to follow. Iya’s articles are from the heart.  Her article
“Casa Aztlan Means More Than Home” on gapersblock.com is about a community center in the Pilsen neighborhood that offers services to help residents in the area and people who relocated to the United States from another country.  The center is well-known for its advocacy work with immigrants and residents. Iya digs into the heart of the community center and takes you back to their beginning over 40 years ago.

An interview Iya just completed  on
GlossMagazineonline.com was with with Dwele, a jazz musician who has created his own distinct sound combining R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Iya said she usually doesn’t feel shy when interviewing but said Dwele has a presence that just embraces you and it takes your breath away.  “It doesn’t help that he is an attractive, talented musician!" The article “What's Not To Love About Dwele” starts off with how he made his  break in the mainstream music industry back in 1998 after the recording of his demo, The Rize.  She talks with him about his inspirations and what we can expect next.  All the while, I couldn’t take my eyes off each sentence until the article was complete.

But where does Iya get her own inspirations?  She is inspired by the city life by taking in the music scene, (she loves Jazz), style on the steet, enjoying great cross-cultural restaurants, meeting new people and maintaining an open-mind. So what can we expect next from our Chicago journalist? An article on how Corporate America views black women and how this has changed over the years, and she’ll be interviewing an award-winning artist (she couldn’t tell me who).  "We will keep an eye on Iya to see where she will take us next". To learn more about Iya Bakare visit her website

Borris Powell - Chicago's Newest Designer Darling

by Nicki Brashear
Published by Examiner.com January 23, 2011
Click here to view a video on how Borris Powell takes on New York Fashion Week

"Borris Powell, the renowned dancer, artist, romantic, traveler, and now Chicago-famed fashion designer, recently opened his new design studio and boutique at 2465 N. Halsted.

Since moving to Chicago thirteen years ago, Borris has established a cult-like following due to his beautiful draped dresses that fall so softly over a woman’s curves and his tailored wool and faux fur coats.  Stunning!

He has captured Chicago with his warm embrace and cheerful demeanor, but ultimately Chicago fell in love with his exquisite attention to detail and his ability to understand a woman’s desire to feel feminine but comfortable when looking simply fabulous.

His 2010 collection was full of rich greens, deep purples and reds with tiny fabric roses made by hand. For 2011 Spring/Summer, we can look forward to floral patterns and bright colors that are light and flirty.  But for Fall 2011, Borris will introduce us with his first ready-to-wear pieces, a more attainable collection, but still expect his signature flowing dresses made of satin.  Some of the luxe fabrics Borris is using for Fall will include wool, bouclé, lamb's wool and a new added element - leather.

Another piece Borris is known for throughout Chicagoland is his aesthetically pleasing tailored jackets and coats.  We can expect to see more of this in the Fall; however, Borris is also inspired by the 40”s era jackets so look out for a bit of swing!

We can look forward to seeing more of Borris in local boutiques in the coming year as well as on his website which should be turning e-commerce by the end of March.  You can also find more about Borris Powell collection on the local website Studio-808.com or simply by calling his studio 1-773-857-5585 to book an appointment. 
Though Borris will have Chicago as his home base, he also said he plans to open his next studio in Amsterdam.
I asked Borris what his plans where in the future and he said  “to continue experimenting with different types of fabrics and designs in hopes to be more attainable to all women." 

Mia Mora, Vintage With Panache

by Nicki Brashear
Published by Examiner.com January 14, 2011

Timeless, treasured, romantic and chic are what comes to mind when speaking with Maria Morales, proprietor of Mia Mora vintage boutique in Chicago.

Maria collected timeless pieces growing up because she appreciates the design, structure and fabrics used in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  When you are wearing vintage, you are wearing a rare piece of clothing that is one-of-a kind.  Vintage garments back in the “good ol' days” were not mass-produced like today but constructed mostly by expert hands and in small quantities.  Rarely were these garments duplicated.  These factors and more are reasons Maria fell in love with vintage clothing and accessories.

Maria knew she loved the fashion industry, especially vintage, but needed to make ends meet while keeping her hobby as a vintage collector.  Working at Carson Pirie Scott for ten years made this achievable. However in 2007, she ventured out of her comfort zone and opened Mia Mora on 2939 W Fullerton Avenue. This space gave her the outlet to showcase her collection and create a warm, friendly, one-on-one atmosphere.

This hidden gem features vintage designer hats, bags, shoes and, of course, vintage apparel.  The hats are incredible as a piece of artwork being displayed throughout the shop.  Wide rim hats covered with luxe felt, hats with veils and feathers, Knowlton originals trimmed in velvet and many different berets that look like they are from the 20’s are displayed throughout the Mia Mora store.

What caught my eye was a Sonya Rykiel green ostrich feather vest that was worn by models in the old Knickerbocker hotel for a Playboy shoot.  Not only is this vest vintage,  but it also has history.   Another eye-catcher was a Gianna Franco cream knit top and pants worn by Eunice Johnson, the heir of Johnson & Johnson.
Other designer brands Mia Mora carries are several Louis Vuitton handbags and wallets, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and boots, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Escada and Emanuel Ungaro to name a few.

Aside from all the history Maria has gathered over the years, she also is on top of it when it comes to what the modern woman likes to wear today.  Throughout her store, displayed are coordinated separates, suits and accessories for easy accessibility.  She also has a number of French soaps pleasing to your olfactory laid out on a table to give as gifts or for yourself.
So what’s in the future for Maria and Mia Mora? We can only hope she expands and continues bringing in the one-of-a-kind vintage as well as maintaining the cozy feel of her store while offering the unprecedented customer service that comes with that Vintage feel.   Maria says she "plans to keep Chicago in the forefront of vintage fashion”. 
That is exactly what we want to hear.
Shop Mia Mora this month and receive 50% off denim! 

Haberdash For Men, Offering $25 Off of $50 0r More.

by Nicki Brashear 
Published by Examiner.com  December 17, 2010

Haberdash of Chicago is a one-stop shop for men; where a gentleman is treated like a gentleman just like the “good ole’ days” with a modern spin.  Haberdash is built on implausible personalized service and offering a wonderful array of fine apparel including Rag & Bone, Gant, Steven Alan, Redwing, and wonderful Gitman shirts. After moving to Chicago, Adam Beltzman quickly became frustrated with the lack of choices for men’s shopping.  The choices included boutiques with men’s and women’s apparel intermixed, denim boutiques or old tailored suit shops.  So Adam ditched his day job as a lawyer and opened Haberdash in 2005 at the location of 1350 N. Wells.  Surrounded by trendy boutiques, restaurants and steps away from Second City, this contemporary twist on old school shop became a hit.
In 2009, Adam and his new business partner Jerry Kamhi, opened their second store at the location in the midst of the downtown hustle and bustle of 607 N State.  The light-filled space has a warm feeling with the original brick interior and old Chicago architecture.  Still carrying the favorites from Old Town but in a more intimate space. 

Along with top-notch customer service, Haberdash offers a cumulative spending rewards club;    CIRCLE h LOYALTY PROGRAM.  The club is available for all Haberdash customers based on a 3 tier structure: Tier 1-ON THE MOVE by spending $250, you receive a $25 gift card and 5% back on all future purchases in the form of loyalty points . Tier 2- MAN ABOUT TOWN by spending $2500, you receive a $100 gift card and FREE alterations on both regular and sale purchases. Tier3-JET SET by spending $5000, you receive a $250 gift card, Free alteration and shoe repair and free home/office delivery service. 

The 2011 Spring lines will be arriving soon at Haberdash, and we can expect to see more traditional classic looks including classic footwear that will showcase, boat shoes,  saddle shoes and bucks and canvas styles from Keds. We can also look forward to more Haberdash private label pieces and the launching of the new e-commerce website. 

Adam Beltzman and Jerry Kamhi have a true vision of what Chicago men want in fashion, and we wait with bated breath to see their business evolve. When asked if he could have one word to describe his business, he said “ Modern Tradition.”  That’s two words, Adam.   

Haberdash is offering $25 off your purchase of $50 or more for fashionistachicago readers.  Just mention this article during your visit.

Squasht by Les

by Nicki Brashear 
Published by Examiner.com  December 14, 2010

Known for her ready-to-wear pieces and reversible hats, Lesley Timpe has created a Chicago frenzy for her subtly sophisticated and quirky collection. Squasht by Les is a women-owned and operated clothing and accessory company. The collection has an European feel and includes dresses, skirts, tops, tunics, headbands, handbags and her well-known reversible hats. Lesley prefers to work with sensuous yet honest fabrics such as organic soy-cotton, pima cotton in vintage 1980s prints, vintage velveteen, imported Italian wool, and silk tweed. Growing up in St. Louis, Lesley created scarves, tube skirts and other 80s era-inspired pieces for her sister to wear including a prom dress with removable sleeves. With a passion for fashion, she went to a fashion design school in Spain where she learned the trade and pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer.
In 2004 after returning to St. Louis from Spain, Squasht by Les was created and the collection really took off.  In 2006, Lesley knew she needed more options for production and brought her collection to Chicago where she started selling wholesale to boutiques. When she moved to Chicago in 2008, she started to attend events and trade shows to establish visibility and soon the collection soon took off. Lesley says the biggest difference between Chicago, Los Angeles and New York is that “Chicago embraces locally-made and that the fashion here is customized to the beat of their own drum”. Lesley’s beautiful and unique creations do beat to their own drum. And now you can see her designs for yourself: Squasht by Les, her first boutique, opened this past May at 2556 Chicago Avenue in Chicago in Ukranian Village and is also carried in boutiques throughout the country. Click here for retailers near you. What do we have to look forward to in 2011 from Squasht by Les? More great designs made with soy cotton, mixed media and fringe necklines.

Squasht by Les is offering 20% off to my blog readers. Simply mention this article when visiting.