Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dear Fellow Fashionista’s,

Dare to bare my Darlings? I have just the place to go to buy a fabulouso swimsuit with all the bells and whistles (literally) covering just the right places. Bloomingdales! Bloomingdales 900 N. Michigan Ave. has a half floor (which is half of Chicago city block) carrying a fantastic swimsuit collection ranging from Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, BCBG, Tibi and more....

However, shopping for swimsuits is not easy I know. But we are in luck my darlings. The 21st century designers are bust and bum aware! I found many swimsuits with cup size tops. So if you know your bra size, you’re in luck. Shoshanna
has swim tops that range from Size B to DD. Love this!!! and her swim bottoms are designed in different shapes to compliment your summer bum such as briefs. boy shorts and the classic bikini bottom.
Even one-piece suits have made a comeback. Stylish and Supportive. Exactly what some of us need.

Bloomingdales Friends and Family 20% off sale start’s April 22nd-26th.
So take advantage of the sale and head down to Bloomingdales to score a perfect swimsuit for those who dare to bare.

Ta Ta,

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