Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanx's SPANX!

Darling Fashionistas,
Spanx, the body shaping undergarment isn't just for Hollywood anymore. We BIG city girls need to look just as put together. Spanx has come a long way with different cuts to fit your need for a seamless look whether you are wearing a tight dress or a low cut number. Spanx has a wide range of slimming alternatives to help hide imperfections, even a full body suit! But Spanx can get expensive! If you are like me, a minor Frugalista, I need other options.

Thanx Spanx for introducing "Assets" at Target"! Same great selection and fabulouso prices starting at $14.00. Who says you can't look slimmer with a "slim" wallet?
So Spanx all you want!

Ta Ta,

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