Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Macys on State Street Designer Incubator

Yana German
Dear Fashionistas,

Did you know Macys on State street features emerging designers from Chicago?  The Chicago Fashion Incubator (CFI) partnership was born 2008 with big shoulders Mayor Daley and Macys of course.  CFI is part of the Mayor’s Fashion Initiative, which supports and promotes fashion designers living and working in Chicago through events, seminars and city programs.

Six designers are featured in a space as wide as a half of a city block! That's approximately 1/16th of a mile.

Check out the designers and let me know which one you would like shop.

                                           Glen Mallory
                                           Agga Raya
                                           Lydia Wachowska
                                           Kate Coxworth
                                           Yana German
                                           Kristin Rosynek Hassan
Ta Ta,


  1. Some of the links were weird and brought me to other places (FYI). But the ones I did see...out of them, I like Kate Coxworth the most. I relate to her style :)

  2. Thanks Sheryl-
    I think I have them fixed. Check out Kate at Macys on State street to view her collection!

    Ta Ta