Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Fashionistas,

Indulge in fabulous faux fur this season!  Faux fur is a hit with the designers (some may be going a little too far! Karl Lagerfeld maybe??) By keeping it simple and smart with the most coveted accessory this winter, you’ll be sure to be the one to stand out. 

To make the most out of the faux fur look, follow these simple rules:
1.    Don’t over do it.  Buy one piece and make it your trademark.
2.    Try to find faux fur that has color variation for a look of luxe.
3.    Choose neutral for a sophisticated appearance or on the flip side,   more vibrant colors to accent your ensemble.

I love the faux fur this season because it feels so luxurious and we don’t have to worry about the animals sacrificing their lives for our fashion obsessions! Gotta feel good about that and look fabulous all the while!
Ta Ta,  Nicki

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