Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's Vote on our favorite holiday window display of 2010!

Dear Fashionistas,

We  had fun critiquing the holiday windows this past December and now it's time to vote on your favorite!
I can sum up the displays by saying I believe we were all a bit disappointed in the lack of Christmas decorations in our favorite store-fronts but I think I can help you feel better by saying - maybe the lack of decor was a sign of the times.  Less money was spent on paper bows, tinsel, bells and trees to help alleviate the economic crunch that has been plaguing our lives for the past two years.
Instead, we were greeted with smiles and "happy holiday" greetings that I thought was a gesture of the past.  Customer service is coming back and the visual displays we knew of the past may be the trade off. At least for awhile.

So which one was your favorite?
Ta Ta,




    i con'test the contest.
    the macy's christmas town was not shown in your collage! CLEARLY the best window, imo.

  2. Dear Mr. Giggles,

    I apologize for not adding both window displays for Macy's however, I only have limited space. Clearly I should have added the "Christmas Town" with the character of Virginia as part of my collage.

    I hope you still found the time to vote!
    Thank you,Nicki

  3. My favorite is in the lead! There's just something about Tiffany Blue....

  4. Nicki,
    MIRCLE ON 34TH STREET. questions:
    what does santa ultimately give virginia?
    what finally makes santa real?
    FAITH. thru faith we create in THIS world.
    thanx for the fun displays!