Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Modern Makeover For The Trench

Dear Fashionistas,
Have no fear, spring is in the near....well, future.  However, I don't think once spring chimes in it is going to leap to a balmy 75 degrees. So when your ready to shed your "puffy" go a little lighter with a stylish trench.
Keep the bold colors at bay and go for a neutral color for longevity.  If you want to add a pop of color, throw a silk scarf around your neck and carry a leather clutch to match. Voilà!

Fave 1: British luxury fashion house Burberry founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry has always been the destination for their signature chic plaid clothing and fashion accessories.  But, if you're not a plaid fan, you can thank the new chief creative director Christopher Baily.  Responsible for re-branding the company, and taking the fashion house to new heights, we can now purchase stylish trenches without the plaid. My pick, is the grey wool trench with the frilled hem. A classic trench while redefining femininity is worth the investment.  Check out Burberry in Chicago at 633 N. Michigan Avenue.

Fave 2; New British phenomenon on the scene is Ted BakerTed Baker is one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands in the UK.  He is known for his attention to detail shirting for men and quirky sense of humor.  Grown since 1987 from a menswear haberdasher to designing a wide range of collections including: Menswear, Womenswear, Global, Endurance, Accessories, Fragrance, Skinwear, Footwear, Eyewear and Watches. Ted Baker has become a global brand and is opening stores in the United States including Chicago at 1009 N. State Street which opened in December of 2010.  Check out the store and snag this super cute full-skirt double breasted trench in rose pink. Another classic with a kick of sass!

Fave 3: American darling, Kate Spade from Missouri has captured our hearts with her handbags in the early 90's.  She expanded her line to stationery, personal organizers, address books, shoes, beauty products, perfume, raincoats, pajamas, and eyewear. In 1998, she opened her first store in SoHo and in 2003 Chicago, at the location of 56 East Oak Street! This year, everyone who's anyone seems to be talking about her 2011 collection!  The collection is filled with bright colors and whimsical flair.  I happened to spot a trench that is elegant with a bit of fun.  The coat features sunburst pleating and playful bow detailing in back. Includes flap pockets, shoulder epaulettes and polka-dot print faille lining for a final whimsical touch.

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    kyle reese circa 84'.


  2. #3 is so wonderful, I love the intricate attention to detail. Oh, I want it!!!

  3. Dear mr.giggles-I think you are referring to Terminator. correct?

  4. Dear eylül,
    I love Kate Spades trench too. But also crazy about Burberry.
    Thank you for the comment.

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