Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prepared to be - BeJeweled by Nga Waiata

Dear Fashionistas,
My new favorite Nga Waiata jewels are more than just GORGEOUS!  They are works of art filled with spiritual meaning.  The amethyst enhances stability, strength, vigor and peace.  The fluorite is said to bring clarity on every level identifying truth behind illusion.  

My newly discovered artist has me in a flutter of circumstance.  Nga Waiata will be showcased mid-next week at the McKry T. Owens (MTO) showroom at 8 E. Randolph Street Suite 1507.

If you happen to be reading this and don't live in Chicago, you can find Nga Waiata at Barney's Soho & Madison Ave., Beverly Hills and Scottsdale. For the rest of us Chicagoans who are ready to be bejeweled,  sashay down to the MTO showroom in the next week or two before the shipment disappears into the spiritual atmosphere.

Ta Ta,
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  1. Interesting and pretty!
    My friend girl Megan would LOVE these. She's really into wood jewelry :)

  2. These are so coo! Amethyst is my favorite gemstone and it does enhance peace. I would love to get my hands on the amethyst one.

    P.S I'm subscribing :)

  3. This is a lovely collection of rings. I would debut them for summer however, the wood band gives an earthly feel. :)

  4. @Couture Me Pink- I am heading to the showroom next week. I'll check them out for you and send more info once I get it. Thank you for signing up to follow my blog. I'll check yours out too:) xoxo

    @Alyssa-I agree the wood band does give it a earthly feel and I think they will be fab with my wood cuff I just bought.

  5. I LOVE THESE !!!
    thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard of this brand before, this is so great!

  6. what unique, one of a kind looking rings. They look like they may be a bit cumbersome to wear. How do they feel on your finger?
    Fashion Urbia

  7. these are really natural and unique! I would definitely wear one with a matching necklace...
    new follower ;)