Saturday, March 5, 2011

LAUDI VIDNI-Individual Spelled Backwards

Dear Fashionistas,

Don't let two Harvard Business School graduates fool you with just their smarts.  They have a keen eye for style too.  Founders of LAUDI VIDNI (Individual spelled backwards) Grace Tsao-Wu and Laura Kofoid have taken the handbag industry by storm.  By launching an interactive state-of-the-art website and opening a boutique at 1007 West Armitage Ave. in 2009, the customized handbag  has become a must-have accessory to flaunt your individual flair.

The process of customizing  your handbag is a breeze especially with chic co-owner Laura at your side. Start by choosing a sophisticated silhouette then choose from an array of soft-imported leather (over 40 to choose from) and finish up with beautiful seamless hardware options. Before ordering the final piece, you can view it in a 360 degree angle on their website  If you are dissatisfied with the result, no problem. With the simple click of the mouse, you can change any portion of the customized bag in merely seconds.

The best part of designing your own leather handbag? Getting your handbag in a matter of weeks because they are manufactured in Chicago.

Ta Ta,


  1. That is a really cool concept! I like it b/c I am sort of a stickler for a certain kind of handbag and often can't find exactly what I'm looking for! Very neat!!



  3. im in love with those bags!


  4. Sher, Mr. Giggles and Monika,
    Thanks for your comments. I agree that these are incredible. You guys should stop in their boutique or check out their online store.


  5. Wonderful concept with endless options. Who could ask for more?