Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meriam Cecilia Shows Off Her Ethereal Side

Dear Fashionistas,
Chicago designer Miriam Cecilia has created a "storm" of nature! It's no wonder since her designs are inspired by nature and all things beautiful. She showed us what she is made of last Friday by showcasing her ready-to-wear pieces and magical couture gowns. Using mica as a feature on one of her gowns around the neckline was glorious.  Another adornment was fur, set upon the shoulder as a warm accent.
Hand-sewn with care, the styles are created for the goddess in all of us by designing elegant structures that allow wearability. The fabrics flowed without a care as if you were part of the wind, moving naturally with a feminine stride.

An oasis of iridescent and serene accomplishment, Miriam Cecilia presented a collection that is surreal but attainable.
Ta Ta
Nicki    Chicago Fashionista ChicagoFashionista


  1. They are absolutely stunning, really like the blush pink maxi on the left x

  2. I am definitely a huge fan of anything Nature-Oriented. I can truly see the natural inspiration throughout the entire collection.

  3. So nice seeing you there. Love it!