Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anastasia Chatzka - A Fashion-Forward Star

Dear Fashionistas,
If you have been following Fashionista Chicago, you know I have been doing photo shoots with different Chicago designers in their own pieces.  I like to show how you can wear designer clothing even if you are not a size 2.  Many of you have commented how much you like it so I am going to continue with the shoots.

Today happened to be with Chicago native Anastatsia Chatzka.  This bubbly but no nonsense designer takes pride in her creations and has lots of fun with them.  She creates pieces that are fun, flirty, innovative and whimsical.   She focuses on color and texture to integrate "something special" to each piece.  Chatzka has worked with some of the most innovative designers including Anna Sui and Betsy Johnson.  You can see a bit of her inspiration coming from those two designers in her collection and is proving her to be a fashion-forward star.

We stepped outside her studio on Milwaukee Ave. looking for a space to shoot and lucked out with a mural painted wall across the street.  We had fun with the scene and while looking at the photos again, the scene was perfect for the pieces we wore.

Nicki: Floral Dani Shirt - $217.50, and the Chicago Short Pink/Purple Plaid - $85
Anastasia: Bow Print Dani Shirt - $217.50 and the Chicago Short Black Lace - $85
Click here to shop.

If you are reading this today.  Be sure to stop in for Anastasia Chatzka two year anniversary sale.  She will be giving discounts up to 40% off.  1740 West Division.

Ta Ta,


  1. I love those pics! Great post :)

  2. Shanice, you should check out Anastasia Chatzka's website.


  3. HOW CUTE ARE YOU!?!?! This was GREAT!