Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lara Miller In A Night To Remember

Dear Fashionistas,
Last night, The Salon Series hosted by J.C. Steinbumner partnered up with Chicago designer Lara Miller to host a laid-back but highly interactive dinner party discussing style, art, food and everything in between. The food was prepared by X-Marx Chef Abraham Conlon and team who's main focus besides amazing fusion dining is using products that are seasonal and local.
It all made sense since Lara Miller designs are created by using sustainable material and promotes environmental awareness.
The night persisted in a discussion on Lara Miller's start in designing, her thoughts on buying organic and her Spring/Summer 2012 will look like.  Combined with Chef Abraham Conlon explaining the ingredients he used and where to get them was brilliant.  It was a night of learning, collaborating and networking while enjoying fine dining.
A perfect trio made a successful dining experience an evening to remember.

Ta Ta,

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