Monday, July 25, 2011

Brillante! A Collection by Paolo Costagli

Dear Fashionistas,

We are smitten with jewelry designer Paolo Costagli and his Brillante collection. So refined and timeless.  Made with 18K Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or White Gold, Costagli has created a magnificent collection for any occasion.  Growing up in Florence, Costagli was inspired by beauty and this of course has allowed him to take his memories and integrate it into an art form, his exquisite jewelry collection.  Beautifully crafted and super chic.  Celebrities such as Elizabeth Hurley and Jessica Alba are huge fans and so are we!

Fashionista Chicago and all of our peeps are wild about stacking the three color rings for extra radiance.  However, the bracelets will do us just fine ( we love the 7.01 diamonds placed so delicately).  Two please Mr. Costagli.

To learn more about Paolo Costagli and his jewelry collections, simply log onto his website by clicking here. You can also find his collections at various retailers. Click here to view where to shop.

Ta Ta,


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