Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicago Designer Creates Ecofriendly Eyewear

Dear Fashionistas,
There is definitely something keen about Chris Mantz, designer and founder of Drift Eyewear.  We can't decide if it is because he is energetic and well traveled or because he has designed the most beautiful ecofriendly eyewear around.  Inspired by life, Mantz pushes the boundaries with hand-crafted eyewear with exceptional quality.  The wood to create these pieces of wonder are sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified suppliers. aka "fair-trade.   He uses different types of wood for color and texture to suite just about anyone.   Fashionista Chicago is just wild about these and we look forward to strut these specs real soon.
Available at Labrabbit Optics, 1104 North Ashland Avenue, at Thomas Street (773-957-4733 or labrabbit.org). For more information, go to drifteyewear.com.

Ta Ta,


  1. sounds amazing


  2. Cute glasses!