Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fashion Heats Up. Cool Dresses under $100!

Dear Fashionistas,
The temperature is soaring as we approach our midsummer tipping point.   So we found cool looks for a cool price. Our very own Chicago designer, Kristin Hassan is offering a few of her favorite pieces for under $100.  Don't stop at her dresses though, her newly launched jewelry collection is something to break a sweat on.  These pieces are hot!

Dress 1: Ali Dress - A sassy chiffon ruffle dress to wear from shopping to lunch.  
$72 Click here to buy.
Dress 2: Lisa Dress- Love the sheath dress with detachable floral dress.   
$68 Click here to buy.

Ta Ta,


  1. The Heshima 2011 Fashion Challenge should be really exciting this weekend! The event was discussed today on Windy City Live! Check it out here Be sure to hit the facebook like and tweet buttons on the page. Thanks!

  2. Dana- Can't wait for the show Tuesday. It is really going to be great.
    Thanks for publishing