Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Fashion Arrives at 2 Sisters Boutique

Dear Fashionistas,

2 Sisters Boutique is not just a name but a real tag-team duo that discovers the season'e most wanted trends.  Gina O'Donnell and Elaina Bonacci started 2 Sisters Boutique six years ago in Park Ridge, and opened another shopping destination in the city, finally landing in North Center (3828 North Lincoln Ave.) after a short trial in the West Loop.  They were looking for a neighborhood vibe with customers who have a sense of style but don't want to break the bank.  O'Donnell and Bonacci's success has been due to the fact you don't pay more than $100 for anything and of course keeping one-step ahead on style.  With most items coming from LA, the boutique is stocked with items you won't find anywhere else.   

Currently in-stock: the Shagadelic vests and pullover poncho's.  Faux fur fashion is all the rave!  The cape crusader is hot off the runway too.  Fortunately,  the style is short this year so your hand doesn't get caught while flipping the plastic at the register.  

2 Sisters is filled with fun unique pieces and embellished accessories. A must-stop for all Fashionista Chicago readers!  2 Sisters is offering 20% off for two weeks just by mentioning fashion blog, Fashionista Chicago!

Ta Ta,


  1. I LOVE 2 Sisters!!!! I was so sad when they left the West Loop, just blocks from my house! I drove by their new store the other day - this may be my push to drive back up and stop in!!! I was actually talking about how I missed grabbing a fun new dress from them on my way home from work, last week!

  2. Very cute stuff....but I'm not ready for fall fashion!! :)

  3. @Taylor, be sure to stop in to get your 20% off. They still have summer dresses in stock too!