Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Major Retailer Offers A Stylish Eco-Friendly Collection. Who?

Photograph from www. H&
Dear Fashionistas,
Our inspiration today comes from a two-part fashion-economics shopping trend we spotted recently at H&M (840 North Michigan Avenue). No sweating over the worn out plastic because we got a luxe look for less and a eco-friendly collection.  To find pieces that look so chic, reasonably priced and environmentally conscious, can be a difficult achievement. But, H&M keeps us on our toes by offering a Eco-friendly collection made out of organic hemp for a more sustainable fashion future.

We love that the sheer organic cotton sweater is machine washable too.

Flared Skirt $59.95
Sweater $39.95
Fitted Dress $79.95

Ta Ta,