Friday, April 29, 2011

Green Goddess Shows Us Green Can Be Glamourous

Dear Fashionistas,
The Green Goddess had their official grand opening last night perched upon 1009 West Armitage Ave.  Proprietor Elyce Rembos a former New York photo fashion stylist who worked with Calvin Klein and Playboy believes Green can be Glamourous!   What can be repurposed can be created into something beautiful and by the looks of the jewelry, clothes and bags displayed, I believe her mantra is right on track.   Many items are sourced globally but Rembos is also a big supporter of local talent.

Chicago designer Lori Christos who was at the event hob-knobbing with the guests creates a line by the name of Madonna and Child.  She creates a replica of a rosary strand that features antique religious medals and other vintage trinkets.  All are handmade and are one-of-a-kind. Other Chicago designers mingling amongst the trend-setters include Lauren Lein a fabulous avant-garde couture designer and Tina Spector designer of Buckle Up Babe.

Elyce Rembos has a keen eye in fashion and style, the visual aspects of the store is vintage but progressive.    It certainly portrays the eco-friendly and glamourous story Green Goddess is all about.  Chicago Fashionistas will not be disappointed!

Featured in the above photos: 
Proprietor Elyce Rambos
MuuBaa Jacket 
Lori Christos religious medals and trinkets
View of front of store looking out from within
Amazing trend-setting Green Goddess employees

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