Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hubba Hubba!

Dear Fashionistas,

Tucked into east Lakeview at 3309 N. Clark Street sits a charismatic and romantic boutique by the name of Hubba Hubba. Walk into the boutique and immediately fall in love with the whimsical style and vintage environment. Hubba Hubba opened in 1988 as a strictly vintage boutique. Since then, the store has transformed to follow the style and tides of the modern ages. The clothing can be described as romantic, playful, and feminine. By looking and feeling the fabrics of each dress and top, one can see how comfortable each piece would be to wear.

A key component of Hubba Hubba is their affordability and commitment to customer service.  The boutique is moderately priced with a few pieces in the $200 range; however, the majority of the items fall under $100. Hubba Hubba features new styles every day and promotes a variety of customer appreciation offers. For example, visit their website at and sign up for the dedicated emails in order to receive a loyalty card, birthday rewards, and other incentives. Store owner Julie Schneider and Store manager, Jennifer Santo both emphasized their mission towards customer service and keeping pieces affordable and stylish by stocking the store with fashion forward brands such as: Bailey44, Tulle, and BB Dakota. 

Stop by the boutique, Chicago Fashionistas! I guarantee you will be taken by the romantically feminine accessories, dresses, and more. 

By: Kristin M. Coppens

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  1. I live right there, and I've never been in here! Definitely going to have to stop in.