Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chicago Designer Horacio Nieto Fall/Winter 2011

Dear Fashionistas,
Chicago designer and rising-star, Horacio Nieto struts his talent in the fall/winter 2011 fashion show last saturday, April 30th, 2011.  A sneak peek on what we can expect come August.  Nieto has been making a name for himself by creating a womenswear collection that sustains femininity, strength and a bit of fun. We certainly saw all of those categories tied in to every piece that walked the platform.

Born and raised in Texas, Nieto came to Chicago to make his mark as a stylemaker creating ready-to-wear, evening wear and bridal collections.  What we saw saturday from his "Mining the Ming Dynasty" collection, he certainly seemed to have made that mark.  Bold colors, silk fabrics and intricate details are some of the show-stopper tokens that set himself apart.  But what really has Nieto sitting pretty is that many of his pieces are retailing at $100.00!  In fact his entire collection is super reasonable and is made to order if you prefer.  Be sure to shop his website HoracioNieto.com for his latest collections.

Nieto believes in being fashion-forward but wearable.  Everything is made with quality and elements that make the piece stand out. We can't wait to put on a Horatio Nieto piece this fall.

Ta Ta,

Photographs courtesy of dean paul creative


  1. Lovely colors, i love the shapes and it looks very wearable!

  2. Totally wearable and affordable! Love that! xoxo