Tuesday, April 12, 2011

P.45 A Colorful Take On Spring

Dear Fashionistas,
P.45 in Bucktown was one of the first boutiques to pave the way in this once starving artist neighborhood. They are known for their avant-garde sense of style and taking risks with up and coming designers from Chicago.  This spring isn't any different.

This long-sleeve blue print dress by the forward thinking designer Osklen is inspired by his Eco-journeys.  The Azure blue water was his inspiration for this little number.  You can be sure this one won't last on the racks too long so be sure to make a fashionable shop-stop to P.45 this week.

Don't stop with the dress. Be sure to check out these amazing suede and wood shoes from designer LD Tuttle for VPL.  They are a perfect example of P.45's edgy but vibrant expression.  Pair them with a fanciful ruffle short skirt or a long fluid skirt with a slit up the side.

Ta Ta,

Fashionista Chicago


  1. Ooh I want those suede and wood treasures on my toes they are so Wonderful x

  2. Hi Frankie Sunshine. So glad to see you are still following my blog. The shoes are so fun and comfortable! xoxo