Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upper Metal Class

Dear Fashionistas,
Step in the realm of sophisticated metal jewelry with Upper Metal Class! Metal jewelry has made a flutter in the S/S 2011 trends and is worn by celebrities, designers and well, just about everyone.
These fashionable collections are created in a wide variety of styles and metals. I can't get enough of these amazing pieces by Upper Metal Class. The pieces are creative and artistic.  The more imaginative the piece,  the more obsessed I become.

The above pieces are called im-perfect.  But I just adore the im-perfect facet and nugget necklace in bronze.  These would look great with just about everything. Including a tan. 

Ta Ta,

Fashionista Chicago


  1. Oo those are cool! And I like that you mentioned how good they'd look with a tan! So true, so true Haha :)

  2. Can't wait to place an order with Upper Metal Class!