Friday, April 8, 2011

Tielor McBride Roll Top Sacks - Just In!

Dear Fashionistas,

Super HOT! - just arrived in Chicago.   Midwest designer Tielor McBride noted for design work with Ralph Lauren and Diane Von Furstenburg, has found his niche in the ever-functionable military backpack.  These roll top sacks are function-able but made to look incredibly stylish while sporting around town. Handmade in New York City and composed of high quality U.S leather. 

Now it's a breeze to carry your packages in your hands with your stylish backpack at your side or traditionally on your back. Count me in Tieler, looks like we have a winner.
Contact McKenzie at MTO for purchasing or visit Chalk in Evanston.

Ta Ta,

Fashionista Chicago


  1. That bag is very cool. Looks like it'll hold just about everything.

  2. Oh I want one!!
    Perfect combination of chic and trendy!.
    Great post.