Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicago Designer Christina Fan Rocks Urban

In the photos above: 
I am wearing the Helen Scarf Cardigan in Grey Caddo Lake Print and Christina is wearing the Mata Hari Caftan tunic in Blue Caddo Lake Print.

In the photos above:
I am wearing the Langtry dress in Grey Caddo Lake Print, Lauren (in the middle) is in the Marilyn Dress in Blue Caddo Lake print and Christina is wearing the Cixi dress in Grey Caddo Lake Print (exclusive to City Blue Chicago).

Dear Fashionistas,

There is no mistaking it, Christina Fan designer of C/Fan creates a look distinctly her own.  A cut above the seasons seaworthy hues and cinematic previews.   C/Fan puts a twist in our stylish closet by designing pieces that show a glimpse of skin with effortlessly flowing luxe fabric wrapped around our silhouette.
Fan was accepted to law school but quickly found her creative juices churning while traveling and started to pursue designing.  In 2009 she launched C/Fan creating modern graphic prints and key pieces to accompany your growing wardrobe.  The unique pieces can be styled in a variety of different ways so that they can be used as a statement or a transitional piece.  

The above shots are from a fun photo shoot we did around the corner from her studio. Another example of the fun whimsical personality Fan creates while showcasing the seasons most sought-out pieces.

Be sure to check out C/Fan's website by clicking here.  A Chicago Fashionista's favorite.

Ta Ta,


  1. Wow, LOVE those dresses! The texture looks great. :)

  2. Buy C/FAN and pick up a piece from her debut collection of her Caddo print accesssories at Dose Market on 6/5! http://dosemarket.com/2011/05/cfans-caddo-print-accessories-launch-at-dose/

  3. Beautiful colors!
    And the shapes in every dress are just amazing!

  4. LOOK AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVES IT!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the comments on the C/Fan shoot. I really appreciate the plug on Dose Market too. Please visit Dose Market to view the fabulous C/Fan Caddo print accessories.