Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vanilla Fringe and Summer Time Favorites

Dear Fashionistas,

Guest Blogger Shae with Vanilla Fringe shares her summer time staples from her favorite Chicago boutiques.

1.  Head scarves are all the rage right now and the silk patterned turbans from Nika are just the perfect accessory and an instant fix to a horrendous hair day. 
2.  As a jewelry lover, I've become obsessed with religious jewelry. It has been spotted on some of Hollywood's trendiest A-listers, and no designer does one-of-a-kind pieces better than Lori Christos of Madonna and Child.
3.  I bought my edgy cool wedges about a month ago from Lori's Shoes and have worn them to death. Not only because they are a neutral color and totally fun, but they are also beyond comfortable (honest).
4.  Favorite Levi denim shirt to wear as a statement or for those cold summer breezes.
5.  I'm also loving the "tie" trend right now. Whether I tie up the side of a maxi skirt, loop a tee on the side, or tie up my denim button down (as seen here), it adds an extra flair to a piece I might become bored with. And last but not least, how can you not love a vintage slip and bag. Vintage pieces are timeless and always appear original. I'm loving how these two vintage pieces really bring the whole look together.  Both pieces from Denise's.

Final thoughts...summer staples, Fashionista Chicago style.

-Vanilla Fringe


  1. Lori's shoes are awesome! Great outfit