Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Future's So Bright, We're Gonna Need Shades

Dear Fashionistas,

Some fashion accessories aren't just for show. Sunglasses may complete the "look" but also protect our eyes. 

I asked our friends at Eye Spy Optical at 3350 North Lincoln Avenue what sunglasses are on trend this year in terms of style and the best to protect our eyes. 
Mary Hamilton, Eye Spy's Specs Therapist stated: "I've noticed more round frames. A lot of the classic look for men (moving away from ray-bans and toward a round metal almost antique look). Women, however, are still wearing whatever they want. Bigger is always better, but nothing that would look like the face is drowning in the frame. Color is big right now in sunwear. A lot of companies are coming out with a rainbow of options."

So what are the best frames to flatter different face shapes?  Mary insisted "when it comes to sunglasses, a person can express their personality freely by experimenting with shape and color--sometimes more than with everyday frames. Although a good fit is important (which is why it's good to trust your friendly neighborhood optician), being open-minded when looking at frames is key. You never know what shape will capture your heart!"

Below are her thoughts on the sunglasses provided above:

Francis Klein Camille: This frame is for the DIVA. Francis Klein is known for embellishments and designs that have a little fun, whimsy, and "I don't care what you think, I'm fabulous" attitude to them. This is for the customer who wants to let their personality shine. Added bonus--the big frame provides a TON of sun protection!
Maui Jim and Kaenon: These are the frames with, by far, the best lenses in town. They both have patented lenses that are polarized and provide extra protection for the eyes. Maui Jim has been well-known for their superior lenses and frames for a while. Kaenon is a new kid on the block, but has quickly gained trust from professional sailors and race car drivers. Both lines are great for someone who is active, loves sports, and needs year-round sun protection.
Mykita Atiara: Mykita makes frames out of sheet metal and without traditional hinges. They don't use screws, but instead a patented hinge that is extremely flexible. We love Mykita because the frames are adventurous and fashionable but are also perfect for people who maybe put their glasses in their pockets or sleep in/sit on them (we've all done it). Mykita frames are super-strong and super-modern which makes for the perfect frame for someone with tons of style and an active lifestyle.
Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan: Oliver Goldsmith was THE guy for sunglasses. This year the company released and exact replica of the frame worn by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The company, which was rejuvinated by Goldsmith's granddaughter Claire has slowly been re-releasing some of his most timeless designs including shapes originally designed for Grace Kelly and Peter Sellars. So, for those who are looking to block out the maximum UV, but also show the world that they know the meaning of classic style without an expiration date, we recommend Oliver Goldsmith.
Theo Spruce: Theo is known for their unique designs and subtle details. The Spruce is part of a new series of sunglasses that are each named after a tree. We love the little detail of the black wood-grain square. This frame is ideal for someone who wants the big frame/glamourous look, but doesn't want to be just another face in the crowd. Truly a unique frame that pretty much flatters every face.

Every Fashionista in Chicago should stop by Eye Spy Optical and check out the range of chic sunglasses for our soon to be sunny days!

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