Friday, May 13, 2011

Moi Boutique - Spring Savvy


Dear Fashionistas,

MOI Boutique located at 2050 N. Halsted St. is on a two-block stretch lined with small fashion boutiques featuring festive spring attire. MOI Boutique has many quality characteristics but the one that allows the shop to stand out amongst the rest, is their dedication to affordable styles and trends. Every piece is under $100.00.  However when you step inside - you might think that you walked into a high-end boutique. Owner of MOI Boutique, Rachel Curley, emphasizes that customers have responded well to this technique and has established a loyal customer base. The high styled mix carried at MOI Boutique ranges from yoga gear, leggings, spring dresses, office and cocktail attire.

Despite all of the designer brands carried in the store, Rachel states that her favorite designer is Veronica M. All the pieces are made in the United States and have such a pleasant fit and feel for woman in every size and shape.

The main concept to remember about MOI Boutique, fellow Fashionistas, is that the shop will satisfy your craving for chic, trendy, conservative, dressy, unique, and comfortable pieces all at the same time. Check out MOI at today and I think you’ll all agree!

By: Kristin M. Coppens


  1. the first dress is so pretty
    Lydz xX

  2. Lydz,
    Isn't it fun and flirty for summer evenings? Or heck, I would wear this to a beach or pool party!