Monday, June 6, 2011

Jonnie Rettele- Nonnie Threads Launches Website

Dear Fashionistas,

As one of the designers chosen for the Chicago Fashion Incubator last year, Jonnie Rettele creates a versatile menswear collection called Nonnie Threads.  An urban inspired collection with unique detail that draws your eye to the piece.  Slanted button flaps, interesting pockets on sleeves, piping and military type collars to name a few.  I love the attention to detail that flows through the entire piece including the inside.  Nothing is left without her personal touch.  Nonnie Threads can be thought of as  understated by offering the classic fit with a utilitarian and an effortless feel.  The fabrics of cotton and twills are lightweight and versatile for all seasons and perfect for layering and of course super comfortable. 
Jonnie prides herself on designing and producing here in Chicago.  She stands by staying local and demands high quality clothing.
Finally a collection to style even the toughest style divo with discriminating taste.  You can find her collection on her new website  For my Fashionista Chicago readers, receive a 15% discount by entering the code: chicfashnonniespr11 at checkout. Valid through June 17th 2011.

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