Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Valentino Trunk Show At Neiman Marcus

Dear Fashionistas,

Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue has a non-stop ramped-up calendar set up for this summer.  It includes a wide range of style events including trunk shows like the elegant haute couture designer Valentino I attended today.  I Enjoyed a sneak peek at what's to come for fall of Valentino's ultimate luxurious collection.  
The intricate detail shows the extraordinary beauty and is truly captivating.  Especially when there are only two made in the world. I am referring to the jacket above which is all made by hand. The lace like ribbon is not ribbon at all but  a technique called needle punching.  It takes a steady hand and only a few in the world know how to use this technique.

The feather skirt is also made by hand but each feather is painted individually.  The color eggplant seems to be the new "black' this fall.  It is a nice rich dark color which Fashionistas in Chicago absolutely love and wear as their uniform of choice.  However, this color adds a bit of spunk and interest to our wardrobe and I look forward to seeing more of it.

When I think of Valentino, I think of red.  To me this is his signature color and couldn't leave without seeing a piece in this shade  The elegant red dress was a classic piece with a ruffle neckline to add an extra feminine touch.

The Valentino trunk show continues tomorrow.  If you haven't experienced haute couture, be sure to discover the elegance of Valentino.

Ta Ta,