Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Essentials of Style From A Man's Perspective

Dear Fashionistas,
A preppy aesthetic is certainly my forte, and I’m constantly being asked where I shop, what brands I wear and what inspires me. I felt honored when Nicki proprietor of Fashionista Chicago asked me to contribute both about men’s wear and about fashion in general from a man’s perspective.  When I was asked to consider my five essential pieces for men this Autumn/Winter I decided everything was going to be accessible to men in Chicago and that items wouldn’t be priced too outrageously.

Harris Tweed Jacket $350 -You can find Harris Tweed wool included in virtually every men’s wear collection this year. You pay a premium for it at any level, but at any pricepoint you can plan on wearing it season after season. Harris Tweed can be found at TopMan, Brooks Brothers & multiple brands at Syd Jerome.

Signature Tartan Wool Tie $125 -Plaid ties were all the rage in ties for this fall. A lot of people might veer towards something silk since it’s easier to tie, but if I’m going A/W plaid – I’m going wool! Personally I love this tie from Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Collection. It’s perfect dressed up with a suit or paired with jeans on the weekend with a heavy sweater. H&M and TopMan also have skinny plaid tie options.

Signature L.L. Bean Boot $149 - Last year I was looking for a killer pair of boots to deal with the snow and rain in Chicago.  I decided to go with something that was guaranteed for life and had a great price point. The L.L Bean black leather 8-eyelet boot was exactly what I was looking for. The boot comes in many different heights, colors and styles. Ironically enough, this style boot is everywhere for A/W 2011; however it’s best to stick with the original and go L.L. Bean! Order online or run up to Barrington or Old Orchard to try them on in-person.

Timex Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronograph $150 - I’m a big watch guy, and I saved my pennies for a Bell & Ross a couple years ago. However, a lot of mid-priced watch companies have really upped their aesthetic recently and brought some amazing new designs to market at a fraction of the price of a luxury watch brands. Personally, this watch is on my wish list for early November when it becomes available. If you go looking for this, it might appear to be hard to find. However any dealer that carries Timex can order this watch when it becomes available.

Outlier 4-Season OG Pant $188 - I appreciate brands that manufacture in the US; Outlier is made in Brooklyn and is founded on the principle of being made to go from ‘bike to boardroom’. Outlier’s range of clothing is growing year-to-year and was only available via their website and on a trip to  NYC. However, good news Chicago - Connect Chicago on Milwaukee Ave is now carrying the line.

Fashionista Chicago Contributor
Sean Moran

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