Thursday, November 3, 2011

4 Must-Have Chicago Designer Accessories this Winter

Anastasia Chatzka
Lara Miller

Shannon Carney

Dear Fashionistas, 

What makes a cake is the icing and the same goes for putting together the ultimate ensemble. The accessory is the key piece for a well dressed woman. So we at Fashionista Chicago thought it would be a great idea to showcase a few of our favorite local designer pieces, we simply can't live without.

1. Anastasia Chatzka- $22 Print silk from Italy created into soft beautiful scarves.  No need for heavy wool, silk is the second warmest fiber next to wool.  We love the scarves for a pop of color and no bulk!  The scarves are only available in Anastasia's boutique 1740 W. Division, Chicago, IL.
2. C/Fan-$120 The Adele Rabbit Beanie is one of our faves.  A stylish shape with super chic rabbit fur in three different shades.  This is definitely a F/W must.  Available at Cityblue.
3. Lara Miller- $176 Our Eco-Friendly darling has hand-loomed  accessories just in time for the chilled elements to come.  We love the Aldo socks to keep our pedicured feet protected from our boots.  They feel like pure heaven. Perfect over your skinny's!
4. Shannon Carney -$1760 Our splurge for the day!  These little hand painted discs creates a wonderful waterfall appearance and brings life to any Chicago uniform!  Which in case you didn't know is basic black .

These are wonderful accessories for you or for someone you think of fondly.

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